Stainless steel crowns: A cost-effective choice for severe decay

Why would a parent choose a crown for a child? Here are some possible reasons:
If a cavity is not caught early, the decay can destroy so much of the tooth structure that there is not enough left to support a filling. A crown will save the tooth.
If a child has a root canal, which will leave the tooth more susceptible to fracture, a crown is recommended.
A crown can restore a tooth with a developmental defect or a tooth fractured in an accident.
If a child is at high risk for cavities and compliance with daily oral hygiene is poor, a crown will restore the decay while protecting the remaining surfaces of the tooth.
If a child’s cooperation is affected by age, behavior or medical history, a stainless steel crown is likely to last longer and possibly decrease the frequency for sedation or general anesthesia with its increased costs and risks.
Stainless steel crowns are more cost effective and are the treatment of choice for large areas of decay.
Stainless steel crowns have been used over 50 years to save teeth that otherwise would be lost or when other treatments would fail. One of the strongest and most durable services in dentistry, they last longer than fillings and cost less than other types of crowns. Their greatest disadvantage is that stainless steel crowns are not the color of teeth, but the color of polished silver.

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Exclusive: DirecTV in talks with Disney on deal for Internet rights

A Direct TV dish is seen outside a home in the Queens borough of New York July 29, 2013. REUTERS-Shannon Stapleton
The entrance gate to The Walt Disney Co is pictured in Burbank, California February 5, 2014. REUTERS-Mario Anzuoni

DirecTV is in talks with Walt Disney Co to license the rights to offer Disney’s broadcast and cable channels as part of an Internet-based product, DirecTV said on Wednesday.

The deal would mirror a first-of-its kind agreement that Disney and satellite rival Dish Network Corp announced earlier this week.

The Internet rights being discussed are part of a large-scale programming agreement that would replace a deal between the companies that expires in late December. Disney and DirectTV are in negotiations but the timing of the new deal could be not be learned.

“The deal and terms are not unexpected as the Dish contract was the most recent in the Disney timeline to expire,” DirecTV spokesman Darris Gringeri said on Wednesday. “The DirecTV contract is up next and we’re in the process of working with Disney on a similar long-term agreement of our own.”

A Disney spokesman declined to comment.

A new pact could give both Disney and DirecTV, the No. 1 satellite operator, an additional revenue source as consumers gravitate toward online video services such as Netflix Inc and watch more television online.

The agreement between Dish and Disney marked the first time that a U.S. pay TV operator has been given the flexibility to offer its content over the Web through smartphones, tablets and computers outside of a pay TV subscription.

In that agreement, Disney allows for Dish to stream linear and on-demand content from ABC broadcast stations as well as cable channels, ABC Family, Disney Channel, ESPN and ESPN2. Dish has not revealed plans for its streaming service.

DirecTV, which has 20.3 million subscribers, is expected to secure better rates on programming than Dish, which has 14.1 million subscribers, because of its size. Both companies have complained about the rising cost of programming and have been involved in high-profile blackouts over the past few years.

DirecTV Chief Executive Mike White has previously said the company is working on an “over-the-top” video package to suit niche audiences featuring Hispanic or kids programming, but has not yet given details on that offering.

(Reporting by Ronald Grover in Los Angeles and Liana B. Baker in New York; Editing by Matthew Lewis, Lisa Shumaker and Richard Chang)

Mykonos party

Mykonos is the center of PubClub destinations, a place where the afternoon scene exceeds the nightlife at many other destinations, where nights roll effortlessly into daybreak and where meeting people is as easy as seeing them.
It's nightlife is so active and the people so friendly, it's impossible not to become intoxicated from its lively atmosphere and, oh yes, the endless amounts of alcohol.
Beach-lovers and super-budget travelers should consider Paradise Beach. It's sparse but livable, right on the sand (8 Euros a day in summer). It's a bit inconvenient for the in-town revelry but buses run until 4:30 a.m. (1 Euro). The bars at the beach also are holding more night parties to not only keep the backpackers at the beach but also to pull people from town. Clearly-marked vans provide transport from the ferry and airport.
Finding social activities on Mykonos is as easy as going to the beach. In fact, that's the place to start. The revelry starts late afternoon and goes until you decided to call it quits. It's not quite morning, noon and night, but more like afternoon, night and morning.

Paradise-beach-party Paradise-beach-party2Mykonos-party myconos party 2

Paradise Beach is both a quiet, sleepy patch of sand and water and a seaside fraternity party. It has a pair of restaurants (go to the cafeteria because the fruit is refreshing, the Greek salad is fresh from a garden and the chicken soulvaki is very tasty), grainy sand, a few small thatched trees providing shade and topless bathers stretched out on rented lawn chairs (2.5 Euros).
About once a month in the summer, Paradise Beach hosts a Full Moon Party at night. Blow off all other forms of nightlife for this beachside bash. The other almost-nightly beach parties make a nice change of pace from the town; it's basically the same beach party under the stars. Look for flyers around town for information.

Late at night at Mykonos

Mykonos - and all of Greece - is thankfully incredibly safe and free of crime. However, Mykonos can present challenges to small groups of girls in the wee hours.

myconos party 1  myconos party 3

One of the fun things about Mykonos is the never-ending party where all of a sudden it's 5, 6 or even 8 in the morning. But this can also pose problems for inebriated girls walking through town. On weekends, Greek males come in from Athens and other places and pray upon what they perceive are easy pick-up targets. And the drunker, the easier, they believe. They are as persistent as flies at a picnic and try and take girls to "private parties" or a late club. In Hawaii, these people are known as "mokes,"which means the punks on the outer islands. So ladies, use your common sense, keep some wits about you and be forceful. Eventually, they will give up the chase, like a lion giving up on a gazelle.

Mykonos accommodation

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Milos | Greece

Milos is the fifth largest island in the Cyclades with an area of 151sq. km, positioned on the SW of the county. It is one of the lowest islands in the Cyclades.

Its highest point is Prophet Elias with at 751m after which follows Hondro Vouno. Milos island’s particular characteristic is its natural harbour known as one of the largest and safest in the Mediterranean.

Milos is special because of  its volcanic earth and for its mineral rich subsoil. Its geological composition is primarily volcanic. The volcanoes were active during the last 3,000,000 years and are now dormant. As a result of past volcanic action, Milos is characterised by numerous geological forms and golden-white beaches which captivateall visitors.
milos map

History Milos island has been a very important center of the Cycladic culture and has undergone a great deal of development due to its safe natural harbor and its rich subsoil. Plentiful obsidian deposits were found all around the island, which the inhabitants of Milos sold to Crete and the rest of Greece for the construction of weapons and tools. During the Hellenistic period is flourished once more, at the time when the famous Aphrodite of Milos was constructed. Today the famous statue of Aphrodite is situated in the museum of Louvre and you can find a copy of it in the archaeological museum of Milos at the capital Plaka. Village of Milos Milos has a population of 4500 inhabitants living in 8 villages on the NE part of the island. Plaka, the island’s capital, Plakes, Tripiti, Triovasalos, Pera Triovasalos, Pollonia, Zephyria and Adamas, the island’s port.

There are also smaller villages which are visited during the summer. These are Paliohori, Provatas and Klima.

Adamas: This village was built in 1835 by Cretans who fled to Milos after a failed attack against the Turks. With its large natural harbour, Adamas is the island’s tourist centre where a visitor will find restaurants, cafes, shops and a news agency.

Pollonia: Pollonia is a picturesque fishing village built around a natural gulf. It is a popular tourist destination where the visitor will find restaurants and small cafes. Boats depart daily from Pollonia to the neighbouring island of Kimolos.

Plaka: Plaka, the island’s capital is built at a height of 220m above sea level. It has retained the traditional island architecture with its narrow streets and a view of Milos’ harbour. From here you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the church of Panagia Thalassitra. Walk up to the remains of the Kastro built during the 13th century by the Venetians.

Tripiti: Leaving Plaka, vsitors come across the traditional village of Tripiti. It is a beautiful village with a spectacular view of Milos’ harbour. This is where the visitor will see the picturesque wind-mills, the church of Agios Nikolaos, the Catacombes and the Ancient Theatre.

Klima: Klima is a small fishing village with few inhabitants. Here visitors will see the ‘sirmata’ or boat-houses. The statues of the Venus de Milo and of Praxiteli were found in farmland near this village.

Triovasalos – Pera Triovasalos: These are the first two villages that visitors come across after Adamas and are built amphitheatrically on two facing hills. Restaurants and cafes can be found here as well as many shops. It is worth visiting the churches of Agios Spiridonas and Agios Georgios with its famous mosaic.

Zephyria: Zephyria is a small village with 150 inhabitants.  In the past it was the island’s capital and is positioned 5.5 km SE of Adamas. It is worth visiting the church of Panagia Portiani built during the 17th century. It is the oldest church in Zephyria and the old metropolis of Milos. Milos beaches The 60 Milos beaches of the island are truly magnificent, full of unbelievable colors and shapes, caves, rocks, white sand. No matter how demanding visitors we are, many of them will overwhelm us. Sarakiniko beach is probably the star of all beaches in Milos, Greece. For photos and details about Milos Beaches visit here

Milos airport  Milos airport is about 4,5 kilometers away from Adamas and it is easily reached by bys or taxi. From International Airport of Athens- Eleftherios Venizelos, at Spata, there are flights to and from Milos, during all year. Check out more at Milos airport

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Five wishes

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Today more and more families are protecting their loved ones from the painful burden that end-of-life issues cause. As part of our dedication to serving your community we would like to extend two free special offers which include invaluable information on helping your family at these most difficult of times.
The Five Wishes ® booklet is a Living Will that lets people document how they want to be cared for if they become seriously ill and unable to make decisions on their own. It addresses medical wishes, while taking into consideration emotional and spiritual needs as well. The Five Wishes booklet also touches on the importance of preplanning funeral, cremation and cemetery arrangements. It was written with the help of The American Bar Association’s Commission on the Legal Problems of the Elderly, and the nation’s leading experts in the end-of- life care. Because of increased public awareness in Living Wills and the direct tie-in to preplanning, you may wish to provide complimentary copies to your family and community. It’s also easy to use. All you have to do is check a box, circle a direction, or write a few sentences.

Who Should Use Five Wishes

Five Wishes is for anyone 18 or older – married, single, parents, adult children, and friends. Over three million Americans of all ages have already used it. Because it works so well, lawyers, doctors, hospitals and hospices, faith communities, employers, and retiree groups are handing out this document.